Cancellation of participation in Caravan Salon 2020

The trade fair managers at Concorde Reisemobile GmbH have decided not to take part in the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2020.

Even compliance with the strict corona hygiene measures showed the limits of what was possible. In order to avoid the formation of small groups or the encounter of people strolling around who would fall below the safety distance of 1.5 metres, strict visitor guidance at the exhibition stand is required.

After the inspection of a motorhome by one or possibly two visitors, disinfection measures would have to be carried out immediately at all touched areas (flaps, drawers, doors, upholstery etc...).

Keeping a distance in the mobile and communication through face masks proves to be extremely difficult for both visitors and advisory staff in day-to-day use.

In the areas of catering and consulting or communication & relaxation could only be operated to a very limited extent and with very high requirements.

Against this background, a familiar pleasant, informative and communicative stand atmosphere is not possible.

The fact that the caravanning clientele is in the majority among the high-risk group in times of pandemic also requires a greater willingness to take responsibility. It would be hard to imagine a second wave of pandemics in Düsseldorf if a second wave of pandemics were to be unleashed by the gathering of so many people at risk.

Taking all the above points into account and also weighing up economic interests and constraints, the welfare of the people at Concorde takes precedence over any profit motive.

And even if the entire industry is currently in a temporarily difficult economic situation, the management is quite positive that the caravanning industry and Concorde will emerge from this crisis stronger than before.

This is because Concorde motorhomes in particular are the ideal leisure vehicle for "distant" and responsibly safe holidays, thanks to their self-sufficient vehicle concept with high living comfort and exemplary hygienic sanitary facilities.

Your Concorde Team.