Fascinating Sardiniay
Concorde tour to Sardinia from 15th May to 5th June 2018

Welcome to the world "en miniature". According to legend, after creating the world, God had a few lumps of granite left over which he threw into the Mediterranean and stamped firmly into place. He also took something beautiful from each of the contents he had lovingly created beforehand. The result was an island of rocks and cliffs but also of palms and oleander, kilometres of fine sandy beaches, grottos, islands and silent springs. In any case, all fans of Italian wine and cuisine are definitely in the right place here. The Nuragic civilisation discovered Sardinia 4000 years ago – now we have the pleasure of doing the same.

Tour information:

Tour days: 22
Driving days: 8
Start of tour: Pisa, Italy
End of tour: Livorno, Italy
Minimum tour distance per day: 30 km
Maximum tour distance per day: 240 km
Tour distance: 820 km

Organisation & management:

We have engaged the company KUGA TOURS to organise and run this tour.

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KUGA TOURS Campingreisen, KUGA GmbH: Hans-Dill-Str. 1, D-95326 Kulmbach (Germany), Phone: +49 9221 84110, info@kuga-tours.de


Day 1: Meet-up in Pisa – Welcome meal

Day 2: Pisa – Embarkation in Livorno – Arrival in Olbia – Costa Dorata
After our ferry crossing, the Gulf of Olbia greets us with cliff walls towering 600 m above the sea. Our first campsite on Sardinia is just 20 km away to the south east of Olbia.

Day 3: Boat trip to Tavolara Island
Welcome to the once smallest kingdom in Europe. Today, the around 6 km long and 1 km wide island with its steep cliffs and low-lying headland is partly a nature reserve and half of it is a NATO military zone.

Day 4: Costa Dorata – Cala Gonone – Travelling further south.

Day 5: Boat trip to the Gulf of Orosei
From the sea, we can feel the history behind the glorious sandy beaches: The Nuragic people settled here first, followed by the Romans. Later, pirates and malaria destroyed everything. Between cliffs riddled with grottos, we linger awhile at enchanting sandy beaches.

Day 6: Coach trip to Nuoro – Dorgali – Meal with shepherds
Today our journey takes us into the Surpramonte mountain range, the scenic uplands with glorious holm oak forests. We see the provincial capital Nuoro in which herdsmen and farmers once lived in strictly segregated districts, and Dorgali which is famous for its red wine and handicrafts. We spend lunchtime with the shepherds and enjoy Sardinia's simple, yet delicious traditional herdsman cuisine consisting of "su proceddu" (Sardinian suckling pig), "Pecorino" (sheep's cheese) and "pane carasau" (flatbread). Lunch is rounded off with a drop of "filu e ferru" ("iron wire", Sardinian grappa).

Day 7: Cala Gonone – Capo Ferrato – Meal with wine tasting
Our journey further south takes us to our campsite situated at a picturesque location next to the sea. Our evening meal comprises yet more Sardinian specialities, e.g. handmade "culurgiones", pasta filled with potato, sheep's cheese and mint. We are also presented with a range of complementing wines from the region.

Day 8: Coach trip to an olive oil factory, fish ponds and mussel farm
We first visit an olive oil factory. We then see and hear about the old fishing technique using the tides and the challenges associated with it. We see elegant flamingos and then visit a fish farm. A lunch consisting of mussels and seafood is the perfect way to round off the day's maritime theme.

Day 9: Rest day – Folklore evening
After a day of relaxation, we look forward to an evening of typical Sardinian dance performed by a folklore group. We hear the music of the "launeddas" (Sardinian woodwind instrument made of three pipes) and listen to Sardinian poetry performed by artists wearing traditional Sardinian costumes.

Day 10: Coach trip to Cagliari
Cagliari's beautiful, labyrinthine historical town with old palazzi and tranquil squares is situated on the picturesque "Golfo degli Angeli" (Gulf of the Angles). Endless arcades on the palm-lined Via Roma boulevard are the ideal place for a stroll – the maze of alleys is a culinary focal point. Towering above is the Castello, the historical quarter enclosed within fortifications, which contains the cathedral and the San Pancrazio and Elefante towers. Cagliari is rightly proud of its archaeological museum, which we will also be visiting today.

Day 11: Capo Ferrato – Tuili
Our journey into the interior of the island brings us closer to its origins and history. Today we take a short coach trip to the Parco della Giara, into the world of Sardinian wild horses between macchia, cork oaks and marshes. In the evening, we enjoy the delicious treats that the land, cuisine and cellar of our agriturismo tour bring to the table.

Day 12: Tuili – Su Nuraxi – Barumini – Alghero
Su Nuraxi is the largest Nuragic settlement of Sardinia and a UNESCO world heritage site. Here we learn quite vividly about the highly developed social structure of this ancient civilisation (1855 to 238 BCE).

Day 13: Visit to Alghero and "Grotta di Nettuno"
It's time to visit Alghero, the "Spanish" seaport on the west coast. Just 300 nautical miles separate Alghero from Spain, which explains the close cultural ties. Wonderfully situated on a small promontory, Alghero is the ideal place for leisurely strolls and exploring. It is also known for its coral jewellery and its Catalan cuisine. The stalactite cave "Grotta di Nettuno" is one of the most beautiful in the entire Mediterranean region. By pleasure boat from Alghero (alternatively a 656-step descent from the top of the cliff), we visit the lagoon inside the cave (depending on the weather).

Day 14: Rest day

Day 15: Coach trip to Stintino – Boat trip to Asinara
Our journey now takes us to the northwest tip of Sardinia and then further north to the island of Asinara. The little island – previously used as a prison island – is today a national park. Little white donkeys enjoy special protection here. The small harbour town of Stintino with its picturesque beach called La Pelosa is a real holiday paradise. We enjoy a meal on the Capo Falcone with its fantastic view across the strait to the island of Asinara.

Day 16: Alghero – Valledoria
We spend the next 3 nights at our beautifully situated campsite on the Golfo dell’ Asinara in the northwest of Sardinia.

Day 17: Coach trip to cork and ceramics factory and Castelsardo
We first visit a cork factory and then a ceramics factory. Afterwards, we visit one of Sardinia's main tourist attractions, Castelsardo. Large souvenir shops offer items such as traditional handicraft products. Here you can watch women weaving baskets or walk up the steps of labyrinthine alleyways to the castle above. We stop 5 km southeast of Castelsardo to take a quick photo of the unique "Elephant Rock".

Day 18: Rest day

Day 19: Valledoria – Porto San Paolo
The final stage of our journey takes us north and again presents us with beautiful views across the sea. Those who would like to, can visit the museum in Arzachena to marvel at Sardinia's rich world of minerals.

Day 20: Coach trip to Costa Smeralda
Everyone has heard of or read about the rich and famous and their holidays on Sardinia, or more precisely along the Costa Smeralda. Development of this paradise was started in 1962 by the Aga Khan. He transformed this wild, unspoiled coastal area into one of the world's most exclusive and most expensive holiday residences which are built in the neo-Sardinian style and are perfectly integrated into the environment by renowned architects in accordance with strict building regulations.

Day 21: Boat trip to La Maddalena Archipel geomarine national park
Our last excursion is to La Maddalena, the largest island in the Maddalena archipelago, which was made into a national park in 1997. It consists of dozens of macchia-covered isles with rugged coasts and gorgeous bays. The picturesque houses in La Maddalena town stretch from the coast up onto the hillside. Lively piazzas, indoor markets and fishing harbours attract countless visitors. In the evening we enjoy our final meal together and say a fond farewell to Sardinia.

Day 22: Porto San Paolo – Embarkation in Olbia – Arrival in Livorno
Homeward or onward journey

Activities and prices:

Welcome meal, ferry for participants and vehicle from Livorno to Olbia and back, boat trip to Tavolara, campsite meal, boat trip to gulf of Orosei, coach trip to Nuoro and Dorgali, suckling pig roast with shepherds, meal with wine tasting and sommelier, coach trip to olive oil factory, fish ponds and mussel farm, seafood lunch, excursion with botanist to Mediterranean dunes, short cookery class, myrtle liqueur making, folklore evening, coach trip to Cagliari with guided tour of historical town and visit to archaeological museum, trip to see wild horses, agriturismo evening meal, visit to Alghero with guided tour of historical town, boat trip to "Grotta di Nettuno" (depending on weather), coach/boat trip to Stintino and Asinara with meal, coach trip to cork and ceramics factory and Castelsardo, coach tour of "Costa Smeralda", boat tour of "La Maddalena", transfers to boats, farewell meal, participant information, roadbook, road map, travel guide, rental of navigation device with programmed route, campsite fees incl. lighting, daily driver briefing, KUGA guide throughout entire tour, admission fees for group guided tours.


2 persons in motorhome up to 8.0 m: 3,990.00 EUR
1 person in motorhome up to 8.0 m: 2,440.00 EUR

Length surcharge:

Motorhome 8.0 m to 10.0 m: 100.00 EUR
Motorhome 10.0 m to 12.0 m: 200.00 EUR

Early booking discount:

5% on all bookings that KUGA receives by 31.10.2017