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The highlights of the anniversary - Carver

Special model

Elegant, modern and valuable, that's how the design of the Carver special model can be described in a few words. Even from the outside, you can recognise the high-quality Centurion-style décor. The beige leather with diamond stitching and 40-year embroidery harmonises perfectly with the Atlas cedar furniture décor.


Electric drain valve

Another comfort plus, for the first time as standard equipment. Disposal has never been more convenient. With the help of a camera, you drive your motorhome exactly over the disposal station, and at the touch of a button, from the driver's seat, you then conveniently empty your waste water tank.

Radio remote control

The entrance door is opened and closed as standard via a numerical code and a radio remote control installed in the ignition key of the base vehicle - quite clever!

Electric package with charging current

So that you can be independent for longer. With the powerful 400 Ah body battery, the combination charger, the sine wave inverter and the 90A charging converter, you are not only confident in terms of capacity, you can also operate the body air conditioner while driving.

Coming Home

Illumination of the step inside and outside - for a safe step and an illuminated homecoming. No matter what time of day or night you come "home".

Optimal seating position

The Concorde dashboard has been developed for optimal use in the motorhome and has many advantages.

The offset seating position allows more living space between the seats and provides an impressive all-round view. Being able to see the road very close to the vehicle at the front brings safety and a good driving experience.

leather dashboard

The four bicolour variants of the leather dashboard offer further scope for individualising your Carver and matching the colour of the dashboard to your seating group.

on the road with safety

The comfort and safety package gives you even better control of your Concorde. Lane Keeping Assist, Rain and Light Sensor and Emergency Brake Assist are all included, as are Distance Control and City Break Assist.

Example Charisma

automotive connection

The coach windscreen wiper system has an automotive connection to the bodywork behind the bonnet. This is not only a visual treat, but also reduces the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Emergency Brake Assist

Emergency Brake Assist is fitted as standard to keep you safe.
The radar system detects obstacles and intervenes in the absence of driver activity to prevent serious accidents.