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The exterior design of the Centurion Actros

the typical Concorde style elements

the front part

  •     diamond signet on the hood
  •     large engine compartment opening
  •     bus mirror
  •     headlights

the rear section

  •     spoiler with camera and optional rear light
  •     slanted rear light elements
  •     diamond signet at the rear
  •     separate brake light

the side part

  •     underbroken side planking
  •     Large side flaps

The cabin construction

In motorhome construction, Concorde stands for perfect insulation and outstanding stability. Primarily responsible for this are the completely bonded Solidtherm cabin construction with high-density polyurethane rigid foam strips and the insulation of the side walls with 38 millimeters of rigid polystyrene foam.

But that's not all: underfloors and intermediate floors are also sandwiched and insulated with a total of 70 millimeters of insulation. Side skirts, bumpers and front and rear sections are also made of highly stable yet elastic fiberglass composite material.

The high-gloss and flat wall surfaces made of aluminum sandwich ensure an automotive look. And to ensure that it stays that way in the long term, aluminum roof profile strips with rainwater guidance effectively reduce sidewall soiling.

10-year tightness guarantee on the body against the ingress of moisture from the outside with annual inspection in accordance with Concorde warranty regulations.