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sophisticated features on the Centurion Actros

Portal frame

Two portal frame constructions are used on the particularly stressed body areas in the Centurion. In the rear, one frame encloses the large opening of the car garage door and thus supports the torsional rigidity of the cabin. The second is used three-dimensionally in the living area and encloses the huge slideout. It not only stiffens the body, but also counteracts the compressive forces of the slideout air chamber seal with its strong frame.

Subframe with rear lowering

The subframe has the task of connecting the body to the chassis and is the foundation of your motorhome. Comparable to the foundation walls of a house that anchor it to the plot of land. The heavy-duty rear drop can also absorb high forces in the transverse direction.


An aluminium space frame in the raised floor of the Centurion provides an extremely stable "basement construction" by connecting the subframe to the living space floor, creating a solid box. This intelligent construction keeps the furniture and wall structure permanently and firmly connected.

Hot water Hybrid heating

The Centurion is equipped with a gas-powered 5.5 kW gas heater and a 5 kW diesel heater. Both heaters can be operated together or separately. In addition to the high heating power, this also offers safety and independence in extremely cold winters.

Engine sound insulation

The newly developed measures for engine sound insulation consist of several components for engine encapsulation. Silent blocks decouple the platform from the chassis. The engine receives an insulation package to the living area floor and to the side walls, as well as the original Actros noise encapsulation package. Due to a new frame design, particular emphasis was placed on the airborne sound insulation of the engine compartment lid.

Sensotherm cockpit heater

The heating circuit of the Mercedes Actros is integrated into the Centurion heating system. This means that the vehicle's fan keeps the windscreen free of condensation even when the vehicle is stationary.