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Sophisticated features on the Iveco Cruiser

Chequer plate in the rear garage

Heavy accessories put a strain on the garage floor. The aluminium chequer plate floor ensures lasting protection - no matter what you are transporting!

Example image Charisma

Thermally separated flap frame

Frame with thermal separation through polyurethane intermediate bearing.

Special Concorde hinge for full opening of the flaps. The double seal prevents "freezing" due to condensation. Anodised aluminium profile to prevent contact corrosion.

Household piping

A water system just like at home. With pre-filter and high water pressure.

The advantages are obvious: no cross-section tapering with reduction of flow rates in case of branching, no pressure loss as with a flexible hose. Smooth inner walls prevent deposits and ensure greater water hygiene. A clean thing.

Double floor storage space

The heated double floor with the enormous interior height of 470 mm offers generous storage space and is easily accessible via the large and 180° swivelling storage compartment flaps.

Coming Home

Illumination of the step inside and outside - for a safe step and an illuminated homecoming. No matter what time of day or night you come "home".

Security Plus" superstructure door

The "Security Plus" surface-mounted door offers special burglary protection thanks to its keyless design. Convenient opening and closing takes place via a keypad with its own PIN.

Radio remote control

The entrance door is opened and closed as standard via a numerical code and a radio remote control installed in the ignition key of the base vehicle - quite clever!

three design concepts

Turn your Carver into your very own dream vehicle.

With the design concept, which includes three different furniture lines and where the overhead cupboard furniture fronts can each be complemented by "high gloss" Senosan Cream White, you have many options for individualisation.

Example image Carver