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nifty features on the Credo

Heavy duty castors

The heavy-duty rollers are the lowest point at the stern. Often ramps on ferries are quite steep and have a large slope angle. In the event of a fall, the rollers prevent the stern from touching down and damaging the stern wall.

Chequer plate in the rear garage

Heavy accessories put a strain on the garage floor. The aluminium chequer plate floor ensures lasting protection - no matter what you are transporting!

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Battery compartment

The starter battery is very easily accessible via the side battery compartment, making it easy to check, maintain and replace.

We protect your values

In all Concorde series, the glue joints between two components, the screw connections and the floor lead-throughs are protected with a permanently elastic sealant.

Optimum view

The offset seating position provides an impressive all-round view. The independent dashboard allows a view of the road after a few metres. The result is impressive.

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Coach mirror

The optional coach mirrors increase active safety while driving and especially when manoeuvring.

Bus windscreen wiper system

The long wiper blades of the optional bus windscreen wiper system clean a large wiping area that extends into the outer, rounded area of the windscreen, ensuring a good view of the bus mirrors.

large bonnet

The large bonnet with smiling radiator openings allows more than enough airstream to flow in for engine cooling and allows service-friendly access to all engine components.

LED light

The standard LED daytime running lights can be supplemented with optional Bi-LED main headlights and fog lights with static cornering lights.

Emergency Brake Assist

Emergency Brake Assist is fitted as standard to keep you safe. The radar system detects obstacles and intervenes in the absence of driver activity to prevent serious accidents.