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We are passionate about motorhomes
The company

The whole Concorde team lives and works according to this motto. All employees as well as all business partners affiliated with the company share this unique enthusiasm, sincere emotion and the unparalleled passion for Concorde motorhomes.

Thanks to this commitment, our factory in Aschbach produces motorhomes which exhibit immaculate workmanship, are groundbreaking with regard to innovation, exemplary in terms of economic and ecological sustainability and have a lasting value.

This company philosophy is the base for a long-standing tradition, intensive customer loyality and the respect gained throughout the entire caravanning sector. For motorhome owners across Europe, Concorde embodies the following values: trust, safety and reliability.

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Business hours & contact


Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 +49 9555 9225 0
Friday 8:00 to 13:45 +49 9555 9225 0
  +49 9555 9225 44



November to March

Monday till Thursday 9 am. to noon and 1 pm. to 5 pm. +49 9555 9225 136
Friday 9 am. to 3 pm. +49 9555 9225 136
Outside these times by appointment only.




Monday to Thursday 8:00 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 +49 9555 9225 123
Friday 8:00 to 13:45 Uhr +49 9555 9225 123
  +49 9555 9225 116


Technical hotline

Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 +49 9555 9225 157
Friday 8:00 to 13:45 Uhr +49 9555 9225 157


Service Hotline
outside normal business hours


Monday to Friday 7 am to 10 pm +49 151 19544153
Saturday, Sunday, holidays 8 am to 8 pm +49 151 19544153

international (only for english speaking customers)

Monday to Friday 7 am to 10 pm +49 151 19544147
Saturday, Sunday, holidays 8 am to 8 pm +49 151 19544147


Spare Parts Service

Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 +49 9555 9225 120
Friday 8:00 to 13:45 Uhr +49 9555 9225 120

As an industrial company we handle the spare parts supply mainly via our dealer network. In addition, there is the possibility to order spare parts orders via our spare parts order form.

Getting involved and experiencing the passion
Touring & events

Touring and celebrating with Concorde means touring and celebrating with friends. This season you can once again look forward to inspirational events, lavish celebrations, attractive tours and trade shows that we have put together for you. No matter what you choose – one thing is sure: We Concorders will be sharing our passion at all celebrations, on all tours and at all trade shows.


Concorde offers great opportunities
Careers & training

In recent years, Concorde has become Europe's market leader in the luxury motorhome segment. We have built 12000 m² of new production, development and storage facilities and currently employ more than 350 people at our Schlüsselfeld-Aschbach site, in the middle of the green countryside of Franconia (Bavaria, Germany), just off the A3 motorway between Würzburg und Nuremberg.

360° outside view
Virtual tours

Our interactive 360° presentations and virtual tours are an extremely impressive way of presenting spaces, buildings and motorhomes in the Internet. We allow you to move freely and interactively in the space shown and to see everything as if you were actually there. This puts you at the centre of the scene and gives you a facinating visual experience.

Take a look behind the scenes at Concorde
Concorde factory tour

On a factory tour you have the chance to see what goes on behind the doors of our production builldings. Register for a factory tour and find out how CHARISMA, LINER and our other models become dream motorhomes.