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We are passionate about motorhomes

Concorde Reisemobile GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury motorhomes. With a 40-year success story and long tradition, Concorde is recognised throughout the industry as an innovative motorhome developer and premium manufacturer with the best precision and highest quality standards.


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Teaser Baureihe Charisma


The classic among land yachts.

Teaser Baureihe Liner


Premium luxury all along the line

Teaser Baureihe Centurion GST Actros

Centurion Actros

The measure of things

The classic among the land yachts

The Charisma stands for all the values that Concorde represents with its corporate philosophy: innovation, quality and passion. This is documented by state-of-the-art and innovative vehicle technology, luxurious and practical equipment as well as passionate craftsmanship and material quality.

The current generation embodies progressive design, intelligent technology and uncompromising comfort and is an industry-wide style leader and exemplary for luxury motorhomes or so-called land yachts.

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Power pack - Cruiser on Atego

The Cruiser on Atego impresses with rear-wheel drive, unbridled power and maximum functionality. A high seating position ensures optimum all-round visibility and thus safe driving pleasure. It is a winter-proof alcove in the luxury class, which provides carefree mobility with a special feeling of space, considerable size and payload as well as enormously high performance. Four particularly comfortable beds and an intelligent storage concept offer plenty of space for people and equipment.


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