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Getting involved and experiencing the passion

Touring & events

Touring and celebrating with Concorde means touring and celebrating with friends. This season you can once again look forward to inspirational events, lavish celebrations, attractive tours and trade shows that we have put together for you. No matter what you choose – one thing is sure: We Concorders will be sharing our passion at all celebrations, on all tours and at all trade shows.

the next dates:

Concorde Classic Team 2023

Here you will find all the dates and events at which the Concorde Classic Team is represented.


Concorde Reisemobile

Concorde Nikolaustreffen 2023


Concorde Reisemobile, Aschbach

CMT The Holiday Exhibition 2024

13 to 21 January 2024

Messe Stuttgart, Stuttgart

Concorde Wintertreffen 2024

25. Februar bis 03. März 2024

Concorde Reisemobile, Sportcamp Woferlgut

Reisemobiltreffen 2024 in Bocholt

25. bis 28. April 2024

Eva Theißen, Wohnmobilstellplatz WoMo-Park Bocholt am Aasee

Concorde Himmelfahrtstreffen 2024

09. bis 11. Mai 2024

Concorde Reisemobile, Aschbach

Concorde Sommerreise 2024

25. Mai bis 18. Juni 2024

Kuga GmbH, Skandinavien

Concorde Herbsttreffen 2024

25. bis 29. September 2024 (Termin noch nicht bestätigt)

Concorde Reisemobile, Seecamping Berghof

Concorde Tauchtour 2024

25. September bis 10. Oktober 2024

Art of Active, Sardinien