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Kjøkkenet i Centurion Actros - årsmodell 2022

Kjøkkenet i Centurion Actros - årsmodell 2022

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The standard power pack is based on a 24 V electrical system. The 220 A alternator pumps twice the amount of energy into the 24 V 180 Ah lithium battery via the 30 A charge booster compared to a 12 V system. The sine wave inverter with mains deficiency compensation provides a 230 V peak power of 7000 W with a rated output of 3500 Wh, which is second to none.


The mineral wall radiator in the colour “Onyx Bianco” provides cosy warmth in the bathroom and a comforting towel. In combination with the underfloor heating, the bathroom becomes a cosy oasis of well-being.

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The curtained bus flaps with PU insulation deserve special attention. Both the electronic locks and the gas pressure dampers are located in the protected area of the double floor. The flaps are opened via the Concorde aluminium hinged belt with rubber core. Thanks to this intelligent solution, no water runs through between the side wall and the flaps even when they are open.


The low gradient and the large tread is due to the further developed monoblock outdoor staircase. Three fixed steps and one step that can be extended when turned out each have a tread length of 280 mm. The attachable stainless steel railing and the illuminated steps provide additional safety when climbing.

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The hybrid heating provides sufficient warmth even on cold days thanks to the control system for individual regulation. Four electric room thermostats and three electric units for floor temperature control the desired setting in the distribution block. Comfort like at home, even on the move – anywhere.


The Slideout places special demands on the living area floor, which are met by two elements. Under the top layer of the living area floor is the heavy-duty aluminium sandwich panel Alucobond® (only vehicles with Slideout), which withstands the stresses of the Slideout technology over the long term. The “Amtico” design floor in the living area has a thick wear layer with high abrasion resistance. The individually bonded strips and joints form a particularly durable bond with the Alucobond®. The heavy-duty aluminium floor in “Onyx Bianco”, which is bonded over the entire surface in the bathroom, also fulfils all the necessary properties, especially with regard to slip resistance.

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The Centurion has a newly developed, massive construction element with many tasks behind the front mask. On the one hand, the radar is housed vibration-free and decoupled from the front mask; on the other hand, two towing eyes are firmly bolted to it. In addition, the console functions as a crash element and underride protection and serves as a stable support for the front mask.