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A success story that began more than 40 years ago

Founding and background

In 1981 Helmut Reimann, a recognised pioneer in the caravanning sector, founded a company which would become Europe's largest premium motorhome manufacturer over the years.

Founded as SKW GmbH, he bought a factory from Tabbert GmbH in Aschbach (Schlüsselfeld district).

Plastic and supplier parts needed for the WIGWAM folding caravan manufactured in Zellingen were produced there initially.

By 1982, the building needed to be converted and an extension was needed. Reimann began the construction of exhibition and custom-made trailers. The factory was given the name Schlüsselfelder Kunststoffwerk (SKW).

In 1983 the company agreed to supply 120 exhibition trailers to the company Portas. With a keen understanding of market trends, Helmut Reimann began to construct motorhomes. The models were called Concorde 500 RS and Concorde 500 XS and were based on Ford Transit chassis. A total of 60 units already left the factory in the first year of business.

From van to motorhome

1984 saw the first models based on Peugeot's Euro chassis. The  Peugeot vans celebrated their debut as the first sports models.

Due to the great popularity of motorhomes, Helmut Reimann finally discontinued the production of campers in 1985 and from then on focused solely on motorhome construction.

It was decided that VW LT and Ford chassis were the most suitable. 1987 saw the addition of the Mitsubishi chassis L 300 for the Concorde Country Boy, a compact alcove model.

The good business performance made another plant extension necessary in 1988. In the same year, the third generation of motorhomes based on Peugeot and Fiat chassis were taken to the roads.

Concorde Sport XT causes a sensation by being awarded 2nd and 3rd place in promobil

In 1990 the Concorde Sport TX, the first camper with separate wet cell, caused a sensation.

1992 was a defining year for the development of Concorde. Firstly because extensive building and investment activities with corresponding modernisation took place. Secondly because Concorde for the first time came second and third in promobil magazine's Motorhome of the Year award.

The move to Aschbach

Concorde's new 1994 models, presented at the Caravan Salon trade show, which was held for the first time in Düsseldorf that year, were the new alcove generation with double-floor chassis based on the Fiat Ducato as well as the Compact, an upgraded van based on the new Ducato. The following year saw the addition of new models with double-floor chassis based on the Iveco Daily and the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

In 1996 the company grounds in Zellingen were sold and construction of a new administration building and new factory shops began in Aschbach. The move to Aschbach was completed by the end of the year.

Concorde concept & charisma

In 1997, Concorde presented the first integrated motorhome. 1999 saw the introduction of a new model generation named Concept and CHARISMA as alcove models based on the new Iveco Daily.

In the same year, Helmut Reimann retired from the daily business. He had achieved his goal of making Concorde the most important German premium manufacturer of motorhomes.

With this in mind, at the turn of the millennium Concorde introduced the first motorhome, the Concorde C1, based on the MAN 8226 with a 7.5 tonne chassis and the lightweight camping bus Concorde Compact was on his way to winning the promobil reader award for the fifth time in a row.

In 2002, the C1 based on the Iveco Eurocargo chassis was added to the product range. As a Germany-wide premiere and innovation, Concorde introduced the Liner models with their specially designed dashboard.

20th anniversary of motorhome production

In 2003, Dr. Kühne joined the company and, with this investment, set a milestone which also made a decisive contribution to the company's present success.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of motorhome production, the special model Concorde CRUISER, a luxury alcove motorhome based on the new Eurocargo chassis, was built. Inspired by the success of the integrated models, Concorde also added corresponding alcove models to the Concerto series.

The company also celebrated success abroad. Consequence: Owing to the high demand, the Concorde Compact with mirror-image layout and right-hand drive chassis was specially developed for Great Britain.

Demand requires construction measures

2004 was defined by tragic and pivotal events. The tragic event was the accidental death of company founder Helmut Reimann. The pivotal event was the founding of Concorde Reisemobile GmbH and the completion of the new production building with an area of 160 x 25 metres.

In 2005, the new founded limited company erected a new furniture warehouse measuring 750 square metres and a panel production shop measuring 95 x 12 metres.

Joachim Baumgartner became the managing director and, with the introduction of the CHARISMA II with raised driver's cabin at the Caravan Salon trade show, gave Concorde's development an important boost. The demand for the new models had increased significantly and brought with it further construction measures to ensure that this demand could be met.

In 2006, a new heat press costing around 350,000 EUR was put into operation. As a result, and thanks to the huge popularity of the CHARISMA, in 2006 Concorde was for the first time in the company's history able to sell almost 500 motorhomes within one year.

Construction of the Band II and the building of an additional warehouse specifically intended for the Band II was started in 2007. At the same time, Concorde began production of the entry-level model CREDO in Aschbach.

In the same year, the company presented the first partially integrated motorhome, and variants 1040 and 1090 were added to the Liner series. In 2007, production for the first time exceeded 550 motorhomes.

Core competence of chassis conversion back in-house

In 2010, chassis conversion as a core competence was brought back into the company from an external service provider. This required a new production building, which was constructed in record time, and resulted in the creation of 20 additional jobs. The foundation stone for a new spare parts building has been laid at the same time.

In 2011, Concorde quality also convinced the multiple DTM champion Mattias Ekström who took to the road in a LINER. In the same year, Joachim Baumgartner became the managing director of the Vehicle Development and Production departments.
An absolute innovation and highlight was the Concorde model configurator, which attracted an incredibly high number of Internet users just a short time after its introduction and continues to do so today.

The number of people attending our customer events has also increased steadily over the years: More than 100 motorhomes were present at the Winterrallye 2009 in Viechtach and more than 300 motorhomes were at the big family get-together in Aschbach over the Ascension holiday. At the Ascension get-together in 2010, there were 350 motorhomes and way more than 700 guests.

Personnel decisions & high-end flagship

2013 saw a number of important personnel decisions at Concorde – decisions which would be the foundation for the company's continuing success. Joachim Baumgartner was appointed the sole managing director. His strategic thinking as well as his foresight led to the company's current rude health. Another new member of staff was Markus Freitag, an extremely experienced industry expert who took up the post of sales and marketing manager. With his sales and marketing visions, Freitag brought a fresh breeze to the company and Armin Dietz returned to his old stomping ground to take over management of the Concorde Customer Service department.

The new high-end flagship, the Concorde CENTURION (Concorde's biggest ever motorhome), debuted at the CMT trade show in January. This was followed by the LINER CENTURION with slide-out and the new CARVER at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.

CHARISMA is leading by a nose

In 2014, the CHARISMA won 1st place in the "Liner" category of the promobil reader award, directly followed by the CARVER in 2nd place. The CRUISER won 3rd place in the "Alcove motorhome over 50,000 EUR" category. A great success which accompanied the introduction of Joachim Petry as market segment manager for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Benelux.

In the same year, Concorde and Iveco celebrated the 25th anniversary of their cooperation partnership with the production of special anniversary models.

To expand the company's successful business policy, an advisory committee headed by Thomas Fritz, an innovative visionary with many years of caravanning experience and many commercial successes to his name, was installed. He was joined by Norbert Dellekönig, also an acknowledged industry expert, as well as Andreas Kühne who represents the owner family.

Consideration of customer opinion

In 2015, the CRUISER as a premium alcove motorhome under 7.5 tons based on the Daily and Eurocargo as well as the CRUISER 890 RRL with revolutionary living space concept were introduced as new vehicle models. The CARVER was given a new layout and design and the CHARISMA could be ordered either with the Iveco Daily or the Eurocargo chassis. In addition, customers were offered the Centurion Style package as an option for integrated motorhomes and the ambience package Noce for the Cruiser models. At the Caravan Salon, the Morettini pear wood furniture decor was introduced to visitors and, following an overwhelmingly positive response, was added to the product range.

Customer proximity and the consideration of customer opinion are two secrets behind the company's success. Concorde was also present with personnel and equipment at the Technik-Caravane trade show and at the Technik-Caravane-Rallye which was held for the first time in 2015.

35th anniversary model

In 2016, Concorde presented two new motorhome models at the CMT. Firstly the CRUISER 791 RL, a motorhome under 8 metres with very large alcoves, and secondly the CHARISMA 920 G with garage for a Smart fortwo.

Customers were also delighted to see the 35th anniversary model EDITION 35.

The new generation of the Concorde Centurion

At the Caravan Salon 2017 in Düsseldorf, the second generation of the Concorde flagship CENTURION was presented to the public for the first time in both semi-integrated and integrated versions.

The noble design, the almost infinite furnishing possibilities and the size alone make the CENTURION a giant without equal in the motorhome luxury league.

The completely new design concept creates a complex impression. Pullman chairs for driver and co-driver, the new relax seating group in the living area with electric seat adjustment up to the reclining position, an electrically extendable work surface in the corner kitchen and the slanted bed cause a stir.

The technical installations now communicate via CAN bus and can be conveniently controlled via app.

With a length of up to 12 metres and a weight of up to 26 tonnes, the success of the CENTURION is impressive and breaks all expectations.

The liner starts with a new face

In 2020, the new Liner will start the 2021 model year with three layouts. The "Plus" extension will be dispensed with in future.

The new Liner models will be built exclusively on Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis. Newly designed rear headlights and spoilers and impressive dimensions of approximately 10 metres in length and almost 2.50 metres in width define the exterior of this new Liner generation. Space hardly plays a role.

The furniture and interior design fascinates with an exclusive mix of light fabric/leather tones in "Vanilla" and the walnut furniture fronts in the new "Jatoba Brilliant" design.

As expected, this is a majestic design - clearly inspired by the Centurion and state of the art. A masterpiece of the very highest standard.

Concorde celebrates 40 years of experience in motorhome construction

In the anniversary year of 2021, four new products will be presented at the important Caravan Salon Düsseldorf after a longer absence from the trade fair due to Corona.

With the Carver 850 L anniversary model, limited to 40 units, Concorde Reisemobile is creating a desirability that, as is usual for anniversary models, comes with many special features as well as an equipment advantage of around 40,000 euros.

Charisma in the fourth generation

One of the most popular model series is being completely redeveloped for the 2022 model year and is the second, if not the most significant, new feature this year. With a new front and rear fascia and many innovative highlights, the Charisma catches up with its bigger siblings Centurion and Liner and fits seamlessly into the family picture.

Facelift for Credo and Carver

The Credo and Carver series will enjoy a facelift in 2021 and will also be adorned with the popular new front and rear views from now on.

Concorde Cruiser on the Atego chassis

The completely newly developed Cruiser closes the circle of innovations for the anniversary year. For example, highly innovative relax/ recline solutions in the living area as well as a sophisticated storage concept have been incorporated into the spacious round seating groups.

Investments worth millions secure the future

Around 2.5 million euros were invested in the renewal of the production line in the Concorde wall production in 2021. With a new gluing machine, a new press and a new CNC milling machine, the sandwich components will be produced more efficiently and with even higher quality.

In addition, the expansion of the in-house chassis conversion was started through the purchase of additional land.

40 years of Concorde motorhomes, a history full of personal pioneering deeds, innovative milestones and motorhomes made with passion.

Joachim Baumgartner