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The measure of things

Concorde Centurion on Mercedes-Benz Actros

In the new Centurion, years of experience and development of the Concorde Premium flagship are transformed into a perfectly shaped, majestic appearance. Two designs, as an integrated and as a partially integrated land yacht, combines hardly surpassable luxury and comfort at the highest level. The dream of a mobile castle has come true.



Land yacht with dinghy

The Centurion is a single-family home with "underground parking" on up to eight wheels. We fulfill the dream of independence in the partially integrated with one floor plan and in the integrated with two. Up to 26 metric tons of gross vehicle weight are distributed over up to 12 meters. With a vehicle width of 2.5 meters and a height of 3.85 meters, there is plenty of room to spread out inside the land yacht. Air-suspended axles with omnibus comfort and 6-cylinder engines with up to 350 kW / 476 hp enable a driving experience like being on cloud nine.

The mobile living experience

The living area with Havana lounge and relax armchair, exclusive leather upholstery, practical table construction and multimedia equipment meets the very highest standards.

Luxury and comfort

The kitchen follows in the same style and also at the highest level. Breathtaking styling, optimal space and household-like comfort equipment leave nothing to be desired here either.

An El Dorado for care

The ambience of the Centurion bathroom is almost indescribable. The generous floor plan with fabulous storage space, unique rainforest shower, comfortable toilet and a functional washstand is perfectly set off visually by large mirror surfaces and LED spotlights. They create an unmistakable spatial impression.


An El Dorado to rest

The sleeping area is a fairytale-like resting place. The ensemble of designer furniture, a perfect room illumination and a queen bed with respectable dimensions - and thanks to optimal mattress selection also perfect bed quality - deserves the predicate dreamlike.