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The classic among land yachts.

Concorde Charisma

The Charisma stands for all the values that Concorde represents with its corporate philosophy: innovation, quality and passion. This is documented by state-of-the-art and innovative vehicle technology, luxurious and practical equipment as well as passionate craftsmanship and material quality.
The current generation embodies advanced design, intelligent technology and uncompromising comfort and is an industry style leader and exemplary for luxury motorhomes or so-called land yachts.

Simply imaginative

The dashboard - is ergonomically adapted so that the driver has the essential vehicle data in view at all times and can easily reach all function switches and levers.

To get more space for the living area, the steering wheel can be removed from the steering column. So that the construction is not visible, the cover is simply put on.

The living landscape

The living space - a living landscape. Depending on the model, with bar version or fifth seat as lounge version.
generously dimensioned, equipped to a high standard and incredibly comfortable. The integratable driver and co-driver and front passenger seats offer additional living space.


The kitchen studio

The kitchen - a studio par excellence. Apothecary cabinets with ample storage space. High-quality kitchen appliances, a voluminous refrigerator, the stainless steel hob and integrated stainless steel sink in an ergonomic mineral worktop convey a cooking studio atmosphere.

The Wellness Oasis

The bathroom - a wellness oasis. Tastefully furnished, it extends across the entire width of the vehicle with a generous feeling of space. High-quality stainless steel fittings, washbasin and shower tray made of fine artificial stone convey an exclusive wellness atmosphere.

the relaxation centre

The bedroom - a centre of relaxation. The high-quality Concorde sleeping system with a deluxe mattress
mattress and stable slat base ensure the highest level of comfort, while the considerable bed dimensions provide a feeling of total
of total relaxation.


The Charisma: mobile travel in its most beautiful form.

Pointing the way in the luxury motorhome class for more than 20 years. More than 20 years have passed since the Concorde Charisma was first presented as an integrated motorhome at the Caravansalon in Düsseldorf. More than 20 years in which the Charisma succeeded like no other model in winning over the luxury motorhome class. Incidentally, the parameters that the Charisma combines were as valid then as they are now: superior technology paired with innovative design and perfect craftsmanship. In its fourth generation, the Charisma once again sets new standards. And that is why the new Charisma is once again a top seller in the Concorde class, and not for nothing.