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The compact luxury class

Concorde Credo

It is a special art to realize functional comfort and experiential luxury in a limited space. In the case of the Credo, this has been achieved superbly. The distinctive exterior design, a proven basic chassis with high payload, many technical innovations and the high-quality equipment known from Concorde make the compact little one really big.

Like a really big one, the Credo also has the stepless Concorde-One-Level-Concept and a, extending over the whole vehicle, generous double floor as well as a high-quality wall and ceiling cladding for optimal insulation and insulation.


Overview and thus the best overview in all traffic situations are decisive criteria in the development of a cab for motorhomes. Thanks to the elevated seating position and the large exterior coach mirrors, road safety is always on board. And on the new Concorde dashboard, you also have everything important in view at all times.



Lifestyle is writ large at Credo. This particularly applies to the living spaces of the living room and kitchen. Both rooms are based on a balance of pleasant design and practical functionality. In the living area, the ergonomically shaped seating group and the lightweight furniture concept impress with different design variants.


The kitchen is a clear commitment to quality and function.

Apothecary pull-outs, drawers with servo-soft retraction, an optimal waste disposal system and the mineral kitchen countertop with fitted stainless steel sink and hob set the standard for space utilization and features.


Relaxation for body

Bathroom and bedroom serve to relax the body and soul.

In the bathroom, depending on the model, the room or premium bathroom offer ideal conditions. Optimal arrangement of toilet, shower, washbasin and cabinet provide plenty of space and storage options.

Relaxation for the soul

Perfect relaxation is promised by the bedroom.

Various bed alternatives with generous lying space ensure the best lying comfort, depending on the floor plan with single beds or queen bed as well as optional lift bed. The Comfort Plus system with slatted frame and cold foam mattress ensures healthy sleep and intensive recovery of the body.

Highlights - Features

The credo: a lot of space, a lot of luxury, a lot of pleasure.

Step into the Concorde class with the Credo. Already at first sight, the Credo convinces with its superior appearance: Well thought-out floor plans, the "Concorde One Level Concept" with a stepless floor in the living, cooking and sleeping area of the mobile, or the Alde hot water heating, which also provides the right room climate in winter in combination with the highly insulated Concorde wall construction.

A generous storage space in the continuous double floor, the exclusive choice of materials or perfect craftsmanship are further reasons that speak for the Credo.

Step in, and then step up, to the Concorde class.