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The powerhouse

The Concorde Cruiser Atego

The cruiser on Atego impresses with rear-wheel drive, unbridled power and maximum functionality.

A high seating position ensures optimum all-round visibility and thus safe driving pleasure. It is a winter-proof alcove in the luxury class, offering a special feeling of space, considerable size and payload, and enormously high performance for carefree mobility.

Up to four particularly comfortable beds and an intelligent storage concept offer plenty of space for people and equipment.

Life like at home

The living space in the rear is designed as a spacious living area with high quality seating and visually and functionally designed furniture for an exclusive atmosphere.



Cooking like at home

The kitchen delights with a sophisticated storage system with optimal model-specific equipment such as a three-burner stove, single-handle mixer tap, stainless steel sink, refrigerator, oven and microwave.

Oasis of care

The premium room bath with shower and toilet as well as generous washstand with shelves supports all physical care measures.

The optional underfloor heating closes the circle to all-round well-being.

The relaxation center

The alcove is children's favorite place in a motorhome - and in the Cruiser it's the same for adults:

70 centimeters of interior height provide unimagined headroom. The rear and alcove double bed are equipped with the comfortable Concorde comfort mattress system. And should you leave one of the beds at night, the optional underfloor heating installed in the entire interior floor ensures that you don't get cold feet.

The cruiser on Atego: powerful and brimming with ideas

The Cruiser on Atego is the motorhome for active people. At the same time, like no other model in the Concorde family, it embodies the tradition for which our company stands. It incorporates the unique experience of over 30 years of alcove construction. From the floor plan layouts to the bed dimensions to the storage concept, every detail of this land yacht is based on the knowledge of more than three decades. Climb aboard and experience the difference.